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GST Solution

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GST Solution


A 100% compliant, intelligent e-invoicing and filing solution built on UniServe™ NXT. Our E-invoice solution is dynamic and well-suited for B2B and B2C invoicing with an advanced, fully compliant, enterprise resource planning (ERP) agnostic solution.

Challenges faced by enterprises while e-invoicing:

  • Implementation of a robust solution with minimal glitches and downtime issues
  • Involves complex technicalities like generating JSON file to validate against the platform
  • Digital Signatures in order to guarantee their authenticity and integrity
  • While PDF invoice is common, generation of JSON file is critical for compliance

Here’s how our solution helps

The latest legislation has made it mandatory for large enterprises to generate GST complaint e-invoices and airway bills for their customers. We help you bridge the gap between your ERP and E-invoice Schema of GSTN based on PEPPOL standard. What more, enterprises don’t have to change their existing systems, we do the work with E-invoicing.

Advantage UniServe™ NXT

  • User friendly – Simplified, seamless, automated platform for end-to-end automation
  • ERP/IT system(s) agnostic – Seamless Integration with other ERP’s
  • Reduced manual intervention for GST Returns and E way Bills
  • The solution can convert any file format (xml, csv, xls etc.) to JSON and upload
  • Generation of e-invoice compliant PDF invoice and email it to the stakeholder
  • Auto Prepared GST Returns and E way Bills
  • Our solution is available on cloud and on –premise

How our solution works

Our E-invoicing solution makes it easier and simpler and can integrate almost without effort into organizations software or accounting system. With our solution you can eliminate the need for consultants and the required changes will be done through software providers to report the E-invoice on the govt. portal.

Key Features of our platform that enables effortless compliance:

  • Design personalized airway and GST complied invoices
  • Comprehensive data management
  • Define business rules for compliance
  • Dynamic processing and built for scale
  • Single application for multi-channel delivery
  • Flexible Forms management
  • Low-code capabilities
  • Archiving

Our value proposition

  1. Companies easily e-invoice their transactions in compliance with GST regulations
  2. ERP companies can use this seamlessly within their existing ERP solution

With more than 15 years of experience in invoice generation, compliance, Customer Experience management, digital penetration, and bill presentment, our solutions are tried and tested by Fortune 500s across the world. We have implemented similar solution involving JSON file generation, archival and duplicate bill presentment with complete security and compliance for major enterprises in Africa.

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