Digital Banking and the Omni-channel Experience

Digital Customer Onboarding

Bring in new customers with our Digital Onboarding Solution and accelerate Digital Transformation!

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Omni-channel Customer Onboarding through physical and digital channels, offering a consistent experience.


Advanced case management, integration, and data capture tools that ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.


Avoid unnecessary re-routing while enabling convenient identity verification, and a seamless customer experience.

The need for a streamlined eKYC process

Consumers want their online banking experience to be simple, secure and convenient starting with the onboarding experience. The current regulatory landscape directs banks to comply with stringent anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations that are vital to identity verification process of new customers sent via their preferred (digital) channel.

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CX transformation- a top priority for leading Banks

Improved CX with seamless digital onboarding

A smooth onboarding experience with 100% compliance to KYC can be a differentiating factor between you and your competition. See how the fastest growing 4G telecom operator embarked on digital transformation by creating new accounts, in compliance with KYC to build the competitive edge.

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Ensure compliance and efficient onboarding

Here’s an interesting case-study of a leading global telecommunications company that implemented our customer onboarding solution for faster customer onboarding and effective compliance to KYC regulations.

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Digital Customer Engagement Solutions

Deliver exceptional digital customer experience with UniServe™ NXT

Innovative Digital Onboarding Solution for Banks

Digital customer engagement solutions like the digital onboarding built on UniServe™ NXT eliminates the need for customers to visit the bank branch. The solution offers a seamless, real-time, and secured, audio-visual interaction with the customer that allows authentic identification of the customer.

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Intense Technologies has been positioned as a ‘Leader’ in Aspire Leaderboard™ 2021 forBusiness Automation and as ‘Comprehensive’ on the Overall Leaders, Communication Composition and Omni-channel orchestration grids.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As more and more organizations begin the transition either back to the physical office or continue with a remote work environment, the ability to onboard new customers digitally is more critical than ever. Secure document sharing, remote collaboration, and eSigning capabilities are critical components of business operations.
The most significant benefit of digital onboarding is that it allows you to continue operations, regardless of circumstances. Digital onboarding also allows consumers to take control over their own experience. They can begin the process when they want, from wherever they want and take all the time they need to get acquainted.
With a pandemic forcing businesses to leave physical spaces and create new ways to move their services online, banks need to ask themselves why they're still requiring customers to come in person. Video Identification allows real-time verification, thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning by some software providers in KYC (Know Your Customer) processes.
Customer onboarding is the first stage of the customer journey once they begin using a product or service. This stage of the customer journey often defines their relationship with a product or brand. It is vital to make this experience as positive as possible. Optimizing the onboarding process is essential to lowering customer churn and maximizing retention.
The 5 C's of onboarding are as follows:
1.Compliance, 2.Clarification 3.Culture 4.Connection 5. Check-in
If you want to win and retain new customers, it’s important your onboarding process is up to speed.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility