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Innovative Digital Onboarding Solution for Banks

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Innovative Digital Onboarding Solution for Banks


The UniServe™ NXT platform based onboarding solution for banks helps bring in new customers by onboarding your customers at half the time right from the comfort of their homes.

Digital way forward

Provide a seamless, real-time, and secured, end-to-end encrypted audio-visual interaction with the customer and ensure the quality of the communication is adequate to allow identification of the customer.

Digital customer onboarding solution for banks

The solution helps banks with the following features:

  • Conduct digital KYC- Take photograph, scan and acceptance of OVD (Ofcially valid document)/ Aadhar through Digilocker, video capturing in live environment.
  • Video in Person Verifcation (VIPV) allows to capture customer photograph and PAN card, conduct Aadhaar e-KYC authentication in a live environment.
  • AI based facial recognition on our platform ensures the integrity of the V-CIP as well as the information furnished by the customer.
  • Connect to various databases for automated customer details gathering and avoid data entry costs
  • Onboard customers at their homes with a simple SMS that provides a link to the application form.
  • Accelerate your verifcation process through automated workfow and in-turn improve your revenue realization period.
  • Alerts/Notifcations to Customers, Agents, Dealers and other stakeholders service activations.
  • Eliminate physical customer application form (CAF) as the process can be done digitally.

Agile onboarding solution

  • The solution strikes a balance between easing the onboarding process and fulflling regulatory requirements.
  • This helps in enhancing customer experience, improving productivity, optimizing operational expenses and exploring new business models and revenue streams.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility