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Personalize your campaigns at scale!

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Personalize your campaigns at scale!


The digital revolution has permeated every sphere of our lives and has impacted them all. Being a good marketer entails being constantly prepared for the unexpected, but that goes beyond merely having the proper outlook and attitude. It's nearly impossible to accommodate this manually, so your plans, strategies, and campaigns should be able to adjust to disruptions and changes. This is where the marketing automation software comes in.

UniServe™ Reach automates, simplifies, and measures marketing operations and workflows to improve productivity across the board.

  • Boost customer engagement and brand loyalty with timely, personalized, and contextual messages.
  • Our solution gives organizations the ability to plan multi-channel interactions with customers based on where a user is in their journey.
  • Use user profiles to understand demographics and behavioral information, custom qualities, channel reachability, etc., and launch targeted ads for the appropriate group of people.
  • With our simple drag-and-drop editor, you can design automation processes in a matter of minutes.

Our marketing automation tool has enabled various users including telecom service providers, Transmission Service Providers (TSPs), Niche Platform Providers, AdTech Platforms, and CEP to build a brand. To know more, read this whitepaper.

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