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Future-proofing Finance with Digital Transformation

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Future-proofing Finance with Digital Transformation


Financial institutions continue to undergo rapid evolution to transform themselves into digital-first organizations. To meet the rising customer expectations, it’s imperative to focus on customer-centric transformation to deliver rich experiences and build the ground to develop better business opportunities.

Let’s deep dive into areas of improvement that financial institutions and banks can uptake to enhance the digital customer ecosystem and improve bottom-line impact.

Gaps in Legacy Systems and Workflows:

  • Non-standardized alerting system with no real-time notification, alerts, or messages
  • Absence of communication personalization for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • High operational expenditure on maintaining systems
  • Absence of credit risk assessment for MSMEs and individual customers

Perks of Digitizing Lending Workflows:

  • Automated loan approval and rejection to fast-track credit application process
  • Faster eKYC, e-signature, and Aadhaar-based verification
  • Personalized communications and offerings according to customer preferences
  • Real-time notifications to enable faster loan approval

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