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Billing Revenue Assurance and Audit - Complexities and Challenges

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Billing Revenue Assurance and Audit - Complexities and Challenges


Worldwide, today’s Telecom Service Providers are grappling with problems of revenue leakage, customer dissatisfaction and compliance complexities arising out of billing inaccuracies. On one hand, when customers are over-billed, it leads to customer dissatisfaction and customer churn, on the other hand, when customers are under-billed, it results in massive revenue losses for the Telecom Service Provider thereby impacting their bottom line and margins.

A telecom organization's revenue chain is usually a very complex set of inter-related technologies and processes providing a seamless set of services to the end consumer and then track the services delivered and bill the customers for the services delivered. This long and complex chain is very often referred as Revenue Management Chain. As the set of technologies and business processes grows bigger and more complex, the chances of failure increase in each of its connections. A revenue leakage is typically attributed to a Telecom when it is unable to bill correctly for a given service or receive the correct payment. As the organization grows the probability of revenue leakage only increases.

Challenges faced by telecoms:

  • Revenue Management Chain is a complex process and revenue leakages are bound to happen and there is nothing like no leakage, one can only minimize the revenue leakages with a full-fledged Revenue Assurance function.
  • Revenue Assurance (RA) has been a problem for the telecom companies since the very early stages.
  • Tracking of pulses, minutes, counts, bytes etc. has never been more difficult. Another area of revenue loss is telecom fraud.
  • In a hurry to release new technologies into the market, the Revenue Assurance systems have always been lagging behind. Revenue Assurance in a Telecom environment covers a wide range of technical and business aspects.
  • Despite multiple support and help channels, including IVR, Self-Care, SMSC codes interaction, it is becoming imperative for the Telecoms to control their billing processes

Intense's UniServe™ Assure

  • Intense’s UniServe™ Assure (Billing Revenue Assurance and Audit System) is a robust and dependable solution for improving revenue assurance of a Telecom Service Provider. Assure addresses the management of revenue assurance by automating and monitoring of post-cycle revenue assurance and ensures efficient leakage identification and containment, cost effective and 100% reliable.
  • Built on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), the solution effectively caters to the complexities of subscriber bases, clustered rules of bill plans, and schemes for validation and ensures bulk indexing of values to the external database for generation of reports.
  • The application aims to ensure that billing systems and those functions that feed into the billing process are accurate, as well as meet all relevant regulatory requirements. It encompasses the totality of all equipment, data, procedures, rules, configurations and activities used to determine the billing charges for provision and usage of Electronic Communications Services. These accurate and metered charges are then presented on End-Users’ Bills. In other words, UniServe™ Assure assists and ensures that all the compliance parameters established by telecom regulatory bodies are fully met in a reliable and consistent manner.

UniServe™ Assure incorporates all processing steps required by the telecom provider to prevent Revenue Leakage for the end customers and empowers consumers with simple alerts and makes sure they are never billed incorrectly. It also empowers them with information enabling them to make smart decisions about their mobile plans.

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