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Enterprise Customer Engagement
Analytics-driven contextual communications through digital channels
UniServeTM E-hub

Providing consistent customer experience is table stakes for winning customer loyalty. But your people, processes, and technology across channels or departments work independently, making it difficult to provide a seamless experience.

UniServeTM E-Hub is a single solution that takes care of all the communications needs of an organization across diverse channels.

When a customer has an unresolved service request and yet receives a promotional offer they get exposed to the organisational silos, feel disconnected and eventually churn.

Our Customer Engagement Solution on Cloud provides unprecedented flexibility and scalability taking Customer Experience to the next level of contextual and personalised communications.

Two-way customer engagement hub to take your customer experience to next level

Centralized platform
Centralized platform
Delivers consistent communications in the form of SMS, email, push notifications, and in-app messages, across customer lifecycle
Strong API layer
Strong API layer
Integrating all your IT systems, such as different CRM, ERP, Billing, order management and service delivery for sending out rules-driven personalized notifications to customers
Multi-lingual support
Multi-lingual support
Localization and personalization of notifications throughout customer lifecycle
Built in Analytics engine
Built-in Analytics engine
Provide insights on customer data for delivering contextual messages
How UniServe E-hub works?
How UniServe E-hub works?
How UniServe E-hub works?
Case study
World’s leading telecom service provider implemented UniServeTM   E-hub for bringing strength and agility in the customer experience lifecycle.
How to become customer centric by bringing intimacy and empathy while engaging with your customers.
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Bridge existing operational silos and ensure customer satisfaction
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