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The future of digital customer engagement is here

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The future of digital customer engagement is here


Stay ahead in the digital race with UniServe™ NXT platform that offers world-class customer engagement and information management solution. Digitalize your customer-centric processes with innovation accelerators like AI, and embark on your digital transformation journey.

Know how our Customer Communications Management solution for insurance service providers improves customer experience and operational efficiency

  • The CCM solution integrates with the existing core Insurance application seamlessly
  • Allows efficient processing of customer-facing documents like Welcome kit, Commission statements, Premium receipts, and Renewal receipts
  • Can be used by multiple lines of business (LOBs), allowing streamlined communications
  • Enables consistent branding on all communications channels

The solution enables a 360-degree customer view that captures customer data from across channels and the insights are used to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences. The CCM solution offers insurance companies a host of benefits. Some of them are

  • Multilingual dictionary
  • Allows dynamic insertion of personalized greetings
  • Improved predictive analysis and targeted marketing
  • Cross-sell and up-sell their service/product lines to targeted customers

Our CCM solution helps insurance companies embark on a digital transformation journey with

  • Interactive Video Bills and communications
  • Centralized Communication engine for Alerts and Notifications
  • Integration with Virtual Assistants
  • AI Capabilities like Chatbots etc.

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Transform your customer experience and equip business agility