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How B2B Customer Experience portal helps major TSPs achieve digitalisation


The B2B Customer Experience portal built onUniServeβ„’ NXT helps to digitalize the customer experience lifecycle for telecom service providers

They can empower their enterprise customers with a unified portal across lines of business to perform various activities like view bills, generate reports and manage contracts.

Empower your enterprise customer

Today telecom service providers are facing stiff competition and customer service and customer experience are critical factors in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. There is an increasing need for a unified portal across lines of businesses to perform various activities such as viewing bills, generate reports and managing contracts.

B2B Customer Experience portal helps major TSPs achieve digitalization

Digitalize the customer experience lifecycle and redefine B2B Customer Experience with our B2B Customer Experience Solution built onUniServeβ„’ NXT platform. Decommission multiple self-care, CRM, Analytics, bill presentment, and distribution systems with our single platform there by providing superior customer experience and reducing operations costs.

Customers of multiple lines of business like fixed line, global and mobile enterprise enjoy consistent experience today.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility