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Fast track digital transformation with Forms Management Solution


Digital Transformation

With Artificial Intelligence, Low-Code, Microservices, Analytics, BPM and more, technology is transforming the way we approach day-to-day business. Every application requires Forms, be it customer onboarding, order management, regulatory forms, or employee enrolment, they are instrumental in capturing the required information from customers. Forms are critical to business enterprises, and have evolved from paper to digital and are now agile and intelligent.

Intelligent Forms Management

Z-forms, our new innovation built on UniServe™ NXT Platform powered by AI, Low-code, BPM and Machine Learning capabilities empowers enterprises to meet and exceed all business requirements. With Z-forms- fill out forms quickly, easily, and accurately. Implementing a web-based forms solution helps your organization get the data you need to achieve your goals.

Features of Z-Forms

  • Design DIY forms with drag and drop capabilities
  • Automate complex business processes with a comprehensive BPM engine
  • Enable integrations to CRMs, ERPs and other enterprise applications with configurable API engine
  • Apply rich widgets that can handle complex data capture and validation requirements
  • Mobile responsive and compatible with multiple devices
  • Work with any web framework be it Angular, React or Bootstrap
  • Fill forms offline to overcome network, Operating System and Database dependencies
  • Ensure compliance to data privacy regulations with built-in data security
  • Enable internationalization of forms to help localization of languages

Need more reasons to switch to Z-Forms?

  • No dependency on Adobe Reader
  • Generate multiple output formats like PDF, XML, HTM
  • Convenience of the Mobile app for creating forms and defining rules
  • Forms once created can be reused and edited multiple times from within or outside the application
  • The forms are Independent, self-contained Forms without dependency on OS or DB

Digital transformation platform that eliminates Paper-Based Forms Processes

With Z-forms you are sure to simplify complexities, cut costs of managing forms, deliver superior customer experience and fast track your digital transformation! Whatever your business, it's time to see beyond the obvious.

We help you do it through our Intelligent forms solution that will streamline your processes, secure information, and integrate with your systems. Start your paperless journey today!

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility