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Build agility that delivers
a superior Omni-channel experience

Your customers want to take control of how they interact with you and expect a seamless experience

UniServeTM helps you become agile enough to be more adaptable to their expectations in the fastest possible way

It is not the game of the big anymore; in the open digital world the fast will conquer. Being customer centric is not a choice; it is a must for telecom service providers to survive. The question however is how fast you can get there? This determines your competitive advantage.

The journey of being customer centric should start from understanding the customer and then aligning your organization around his expectations, convenience, whims and fancies. While maintaining service quality is important to make your customer happy, providing an Omni-Channel Customer Experience gives you competitive advantage.

As operators you may be accessible to your customers via multiple channels. You are prepared for a customer who chooses to start and complete a transaction in the same channel. But in reality, a customer may start in one channel, and move through others as they progress to a resolution. A consistent experience is thus crucial in such a scenario for your customer.

Omni-channel is an inevitable evolution to reduce the complexity of a cross-channel experience, and provide a streamlined process to more effectively handle multiple channels with hand-offs between channels.

The issue is that typically each channel operates in a silo with its own capabilities, databases and business logic, thereby causing inconsistencies in the Customer Experience across channels. This generates a ‘pendulum effect’, with the customer frequently forced to reinitiate the dialogue with the operator from scratch when entering via another channel.

UniServe™ platform builds business agility. It works towards a 360-Degree View of your customers across all systems (CRM, billing, self-care), ensuring the service level and responsiveness received across channels (mobile, tab, laptop, physical) is consistent. We enable you to provide an unparalleled omnichannel customer experience across physical and digital touchpoints.

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UniServeTM acts on insights on customer's behaviour from big data to enhance customer experience and increase revenue. A platform to build business agility for an edge that keeps you ahead of competitors.

Lean how our Omni-channel solution helps improve customer service

Omni-channel customer experience

What about Omni-channel experience is going wrong today? How do we make it right?

by Eduardo Silva,AVP-Europe
Go beyond insights from big data, act on them to build business agility

When businesses think about Omni-channel they think about the problem from their point of view – to communicate their message to the customer consistently through multiple channels. Some fail to realize that Omni-channel is not about them, it is about the customer: what they wish to do, which way they want to do it, and how they wish to consume the information and the services the company offers.

When you think from the customers’ perspective, not the business point of view, about how customers wish to drive their interactions, how they want to decide the scope, extent, and content of what they wish to see from you, you quickly come to realize that Omni-channel is not just a mechanism to communicate per transaction with them, but rather an opportunity to hold a conversation which helps offer a memorable experience that delivers above and beyond what they wish to accomplish.

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Federate your internal systems for unified digital customer experience
Act on insights from Big Data & bridge the gap between physical and digital channels
A single portal view across all your business supporting systems for getting right information at right time.