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Provide simple, flexible, multi-service order management

Your customers want a seamless experience while ordering new services: Bundle various products associated with your brand, modify orders with ease, and hop channels to complete an order. However, disjoint order management across lines of business and IT systems, working in silos, results in inconsistent service provisioning and increasing fallout rates. Your prospects will leave, never to return again.

That’s where Intense Technologies can help123456.

Order Management Software

Modernize, unify, and improve visibility of order management

Customer Order Management

Your order management systems will now support the digital value chain, to equip you to cater to the whims and fancies of your customers. Built on our Digital Customer Experience platform, UniServe Order Assure streamlines your Order Management Systems to help with faster product launches and to deliver a seamless customer experience.

  • Centralize and digitalize order capture and fulfillment
  • Unify product catalogue for order decomposition
  • Access feasibility of the order by correlating customer information
  • Consolidation of order management for activation & completion

Faster time to market, lower fulfillment costs, and greater visibility of order tracking are some of the immediate benefits you will experience with our solution.

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