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E-mail, social media, instant messaging apps, the methods to communicate today are limitless. Technology has simplified the way we communicate with each other. Although there are many positives to this aspect, there are a whole new set of challenges associated with it as well. These challenges are particularly seen in the way businesses interact with their customers and vice versa. While on the plus side, communicating anything and everything is as easy as clicking a button. On the downside, however, it has led to the increasing demand for personalized, contextual communication that aims to create a connect with customers by satisfying a
particular need.

Despite being a challenge, the demand for personalised communication can prove to be an opportunity for enterprises to improve customer experience and engagement. This happens as customers feel valued when an enterprise goes one step further in understanding their needs better. Also, customers are more likely to engage or respond better to messages and communications that are tailored to their interests, likes/dislikes, lifestyle etc. All this, in turn,helps build a stronger customer relationship for the enterprise.

While delivering personalised communications is one aspect of better customer experience, the other part is that of sending contextual communications through the customer’s preferred channel. Enterprises can focus on sending the right message through the right channel to reach a customer in the fastest and most effective way possible.Apart from this, enterprises with large customer base can intelligently manage their customer-facing revenue generating documents like bills, statements, premium receipts, invoices, etc., without committing investments on every business process. Thus, leading to reduced costs, increased revenues and highly engaged customers.

A number of enterprises are taking the route of using personalisation in their customer communications to stay successful and competitive. Here is a successful Customer Communication Management case study of an enterprise that needed to enhance customer experience and improve revenues.

A premium segment Internet Service Provider (ISP) based out of India wanted to improve the bill delivery cycle for faster revenue realisation and reduce operational expenses. Enhancing the customer experience by sending personalised promotional offers was the need of the hour. The ISP implemented Intense’s Customer Communications Management solution built on UniServe™ platform for handling customer communications by integrating with core applications.The solution’s GUI-driven design feature with layering technology, multi-modal delivery capabilities, enabled end users to consolidate, personalise and enrich customer documents like bills, statements, invoices, etc. The solution not only helped reduce operational costs by 30% to 40% but also improved revenues due to personalised campaigns based on business intelligence reports. Find out more here

As seen in the case above, sending personalized communications can be beneficial not only for the customer but for the enterprise as well, creating a win-winsituation for both. In conclusion, improving customer communications through personalisation can provide many benefits for your enterprise while at the same time help it stay agile with the changing times.

Intense Technologies’ Customer Communications Management solution built on UniServe ™ NXT platform helps send 5 million customer communications every month! Gartner has also recognised the solution as a Niche player in their Magic Quadrant. The solution lets you design interactive and personalised customer messages and apply business rules to messaging context, delivering consistent communications through all physical and digital channels. Know more on how this solution can help your enterprise.


H. C. Madhavi

Madhavi has a rich experience of a decade-and-a-half working for Intense Technologies in various marketing roles. She is closely associated in research and client interactions to comprehend customer experience challenges and ways of addressing them proactively by re-aligning existing IT infrastructure. She plays a key role in evolving the positioning of the company. Content marketing and developing thought leadership for Intense Technologies are her passions. She has spearheaded, and continues to drive the digital marketing initiatives at Intense.A management graduate in Marketing and IT, she has been recognized as one of the most talented marketing professionals in India by World Marketing Congress in 2014 and 2015.

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