5 Reasons why businesses are shifting to a digital platform

Why businesses are shifting to a digital platform

Digitalization is the trend that is increasingly gaining momentum. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90% of organisations will have at least one style of digital business platform. As digital business ecosystems expand with the numbers of people, business and things that can dynamically connect, so does the need for organisations to support and enable these ecosystems. Business strategy of enabling and managing these ecosystems, evolving new business models and value chains requires a digital platform strategy to enable efficient and faster execution of ideas.

This is because digital technology platforms help organisations develop and sell products in faster time cycles, offer complimentary services and optimise business operations while keeping costs low.

  1. Improved Customer Experience

The evolution of technology has led to customers demanding a faster and more efficient experience from enterprises. With the Customer Experience Management Market expected to be worth $13.18 Billion by 2021‎ as predicted by MarketsandMarkets, digital platform is becoming a necessity for most enterprises.A digital platform helps enterprises deliver a consistent seamless customer experience across a range of channels like email, mobile, web, applications and other digital channels. Through a digital platform, enterprises can constantly make the necessary adjustments to their services to meet these demands of customers, thereby improving their experiences. Whether it is a better onboarding experience for new customers or providing personalised customer communications across multiple channels, enterprises can benefit from an improved customer experience.

A leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa was facing challenges due to slow customer onboarding and lack of effective compliance to KYC regulations.In most of the countries in Africa, various regulators have mandated KYC and SIM registration processes before providing services to the customers. According to law, identity proof and biometric details of each and every subscriber have to be captured. The telecom service provider was facing challenges in streamlining the operations for this process as it involved complying with regulations of different countries. Onboarding of customers was delayed due to manual efforts, error-prone documents and bandwidth availability challenges. Intense Technologies’ Customer Onboarding solution built on UniServe™ platform (Intense Technologies’ digital technology platform) was implemented to ensure end-to-end automation of the entire process of enrolling the subscribers. The solution digitally captured customer information through mobile, desktop, web-based applications and pushed it through a workflow of checks and verifications. Read the full story

  1. Reduced Costs

Enterprises can benefit from reduced costs through implementing a digital platform. This happens as many routine tasks can be automated (through Robotic Process Automation), thereby reducing the dependency on manpower as employees can focus on the more complex tasks. Automation also results in more accurate and faster business processes.

A leading Indian telecom company, with operations all over India, has been a market leader for years in the fixed wireless telephony segments, serving over 10 million post-paid customers in more than 410,000 towns and villages across the country.Given TRAI’s (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) stringent guidelines for auditing bills to ensure accuracy, the telecom company faced challenges related to the prevalent manual bill audit system. Intense Technologies equipped the telecom company with a GUI-driven, configurable pre-bill audit system to automate the pre-bill audit process & ensure that the bill plans were always configured accurately.This resulted in minimised dependency on skilled manpower and reduced costs incurred in disputes/litigation. Read more here

  1. Greater Operational Efficiency

A digital platform can help improve operational efficiency through business process management. With the help of business process management tools it is possible for enterprises to optimise specific workflows and process to enable easy management and higher productivity.

Another leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, was facing challenges with managing non-voice communication channels (like e-mails, Fax, SMS, etc.) due to the number of requests flowing in. Various types of customer complaints, queries and requests from customers relating to billing and account information were registered. To respond to these various types of queries and requests, originating from different channels the telecom service provider needed an automated response management suite which could process and parse all the non-voice communications at hand. The telecom service provider (TSP) implemented the response management solution built using Business Process Management capabilities of UniServe™ platform.  By doing so, the TSP was able to automate the entire process, drastically reducing the time taken to respond to customer queries. Increased traffic to automated non-voice customer response process resulted in reduction of skilled manpower costs with regards to voice-based responses. Also, operational reports generated by the solution enabled managers to optimise their operations which improved the overall performance. Read more about this case study here

  1. Digital Transformation

The digital era demands enterprises to collaborate seamlessly amongst players in the ecosystems and explore new business models and revenue streams. To achieve this and stay agile, businesses need to digitally transform their processes. Despite the need for digital transformation, there are a number of challenges that enterprises face when trying to make the shift. One such challenge is organisational silos.

A leading telecom service provider in UK having extensive enterprise lines of business and operating across 26 countries wanted to digitally transform their enterprise customer experience. Their existing IT systems were not equipped to meet the challenges. They needed a solution which addressed their operational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. Intense Technologies’ B2B Customer Experience Management solution built on UniServe™ platform enabled digital transformation for the service provider that distinguished their services and saved millions in costs from streamlined operations. The solution enabled enhanced customer retention because of its powerful analytics and service management capabilities. Know more here

  1. Competitive Advantage

The advanced analytics features of a digital platform help enterprises in gaining insights about various scenarios ranging from customer behaviour to business model improvement. These analytical insights help enterprises make better decisions with regards to their process thus improving customer experience, reducing costs and operating effectively.

Customers today traverses multiple channels, by either personal choice or convenience. A consistent omni-channel experience is crucial as it connects the gap between physical and digital channels. This needs to be delivered consistently across all applications and devices, personalised to the new age customer.Intense Technologies’ UniServe ™ NXT platform helps enterprises deliver an omni-channel experience by acting on insights from big data. The platform combines the most crucial analytics feature to gain insights of business models and viewpoints of different scenarios that help enterprises make better business decisions, leading to better customer experience and increased competitive edge. Know More Here

In conclusion, businesses are shifting towards a digital platform as it helps improve customer experience, reduce costs while operating efficiently and aids in digital transformation. All these factors put together ultimately lead to enterprises gaining competitive advantage and staying agile.


H. C. Madhavi

Madhavi has a rich experience of a decade-and-a-half working for Intense Technologies in various marketing roles. She is closely associated in research and client interactions to comprehend customer experience challenges and ways of addressing them proactively by re-aligning existing IT infrastructure. She plays a key role in evolving the positioning of the company. Content marketing and developing thought leadership for Intense Technologies are her passions. She has spearheaded, and continues to drive the digital marketing initiatives at Intense.A management graduate in Marketing and IT, she has been recognized as one of the most talented marketing professionals in India by World Marketing Congress in 2014 and 2015.

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