Unified view of all customer engagement systems

Various relationships between applications, customer data management, processes and business users are a complex puzzle that various enterprises want to solve. When a business user needs a holistic view of customer, he/she has to log into various applications that again have data stored in various sources and various processes are involved. This manual and exhausting procedure is blocking the capabilities of various business stakeholders like

  • Marketing teams in designing effective campaigns rather than spending time in understanding the customer.
  • Financial offices could design strategies to reduce DSO (Dales Sales Outstanding) rather than spending time in analyzing customer data.
  • Information technology professionals could procure new applications to support organization goals, reduce operating expenses rather than understanding their existing infrastructure.

To overcome these complexities CRMs are suggested which in turn connect to various systems to extract data. But then the picture becomes even more complex. You have another system that is added into your existing web of processes hindering your growth; new processes are required for new customer facing systems.

Enterprises have always opted for big bang transformation projects that will digitize end to end customer engagement processes, data, and systems to get a single view of the customer. These projects are expensive, multi-year and customer requirements/expectations might change even at the completion stage of this risky project. Enterprises will then have to justify this big budgeted project.

Look for platforms that will help you become regulatory compliant, consistent, and follow best practices. Implementation should be done in the fastest possible time with the help of robust data management capabilities that eliminate replacement of legacy, comprehensive workflows to ensure seamless coordination of jobs, and an API platform that makes it easy to connect to multiple systems and Z-forms that help you capture and visualize data with ease. Most important of all, this platform should be tried and tested. Such integration platforms will address organizational issues related to mergers, acquisitions, and other changing business needs of building competitive advantage. Besides, they will reduce even call times in customer service centers, allowing them to focus on personalized cross and up-sell with the help of 360 degree view of customer data.

internet of things

This platform will solve your complexities and show you the result on a single screen that can be accessed by any business user to achieve their individual department goal. Additionally, the platform streamlines processes, and integrations duly eliminating potential data entry mistakes, ensures consistency and compliance, and provides additional cross-sell opportunities.



Our enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digitalization of customer experience life-cycle, resulting in greater customer-centricity and reduced operational expenses

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