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UniServe™ NXT Digital Suite Rated Excellent by Customers

Hyderabad- December 15, 2021 - UniServe™ NXT Digital Suite was rated excellent by Customers from across the world with high ratings in all categories, and an overall extremely satisfied rating. Intense Technologies received the second highest overall customer rating (4.2/5) among the vendors featured in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights.

Intense Technologies takes great pride in this distinction, as customer feedback continues to shape our products and services.

The high satisfaction reiterates UniServe™ NXT as a long-term strategic partner of choice for companies who have purchased, implemented and used our solutions built on the platform. The reviews give insight into not only how satisfied customers are with the product, but also their experience in the long run with the overall planning, installation, support and service during software implementation and beyond.

The individual reviews and ratings are a valuable source of information for IT and Business professionals and decision makers looking for ways to modernize and overcome digital transformation challenges by taking a strategic approach. The reviews go across industries, departments, functions and geographies.

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