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Intense Technologies announces multi-year, managed services contract

Hyderabad – June 28, 2016:Multi-year landmark agreement signed with leading communication service provider for over $25 million Intense Technologies, a global enterprise software products company, has announced a multiyear, managed services contract with a leading communications services provider that enjoys a customer base of 100 million in India. The engagement marks a transformative landmark deal for the company in terms of size, scale and duration.

Under this agreement, the company will be working with the client to streamline business processes of customer onboarding, customer communications and data monetization opportunities across all their physical and digital channels, thereby promoting the non-network customer experience processes.

Today’s announcement augments the financial visibility for Intense Technologies, by ensuring a predictable revenue inflow on a year on year basis.

Digital transformation must be rooted in the delivering business agility and efficiency to elevate customer experiences and provide seamless business operations. The momentum continues to build in favor of agreements, such as the one signed by Intense Technologies today, which promises to deliver targeted value-addition to customers’ business processes as alternative or acceleration of legacy rip and replace transformations enabling the business to maximize value immediately.

Commenting on development, C.K. Shastri, Chairman and Managing Director, Intense Technologies, said:

“The new announcement that we have made today underlines the strength of UniServeTM as a platform to digitalize mission critical business processes. The engagement is completely in sync with our future outlook and further enhances the credibility of our product offerings. While we are proud to have been chosen for our superior technological competence, the contract also presents a substantial opportunity for us to deliver value upsides to the client.

Today’s engagement takes forward our belief in the SAAS (software as a service) model, whereby we are in a position to drive revenue generation consistently. This approach will help towards mitigating the risks associated with long selling cycles that are typically associated with enterprise software product industry.

At $25 million the deal quantum represents substantial accretion to our present topline. The agreement also bakes in further upsides through extended services and other value added solutions / services. With revenues from this engagement and annuity revenues from our existing customers, Intense Technologies is well on its way to an exponential growth. Not only will this add thrust to our new client acquisition drive overseas, but also allow us to be more predictable with our revenue forecast.”

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