Meet Intense Technologies at AfricaCom 2015

Enterprises have terabytes of customer data lying in silos across different lines of business. The need of the hour is to intelligently unify customer centric business processes and analyze customer information to gain useful insights of the customer.

Intense Technologies is showcasing UniServe™, a platform for digitalization of customer experience lifecycle which helps enterprises harness their customer data in the fastest possible time so as to build customer centricity

  • for a 360 degree view of customer for insights
  • to improve revenues with effective marketing campaigns
  • for churn management
  • to reduce operation costs with a unified platform

Meet us at AfricaCom 2015 to know how we can help you better understand your big data in a faster way to become agile and customer centric.

Should you wish to schedule a meeting to know about our solutions, please contact Reddy Shivaprasad.B.S, VP – Middle East & Africa at or the event manager Shishir Kumar, Market Analyst at shishir.k@in10stech.comDo not miss the chance to meet Intense Technologies at AfricaCom 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa 17-19th November 2015.

To learn more about our offerings for enterprises prior to the event, or if you are unable to attend, please take a moment to visit:

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility