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Non face-to-face digital customer video onboarding

An insightful discussion on 10th December 2021 – 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM IST

Afaq Siddiqui, VP - Enterprise Business, APAC

Join Afaq Siddiqui, President, Global Strategic Alliances, Intense Technologies on December 10th at 4pm IST for an insightful session on ‘Non face-to-face digital customer video onboarding’.

About the event
Covid-19 has made Digital Transformation vital for success, particularly, a customer’s interaction with a company can trigger a lingering effect on his or her sense of trust and reliability. With reference to digital customer video onboarding, the regulations regarding eKYC, increased digitization of customer communications, the Virtual Technology Event, ‘Non face-to-face digital customer video onboarding’ will take a look at how enterprises can explore technology like never before to stay on top of the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding new opportunities for leveraging digital technologies such as AI to navigate the Covid scenario
  • Delivering exceptional Next Generation customer onboarding experience
  • Business readiness in times of changing regulations
  • Adoption of digital video onboarding & eKYC
  • Increased digitization of customer communications and the road ahead

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An insightful discussion on 10th December 2021, 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM IST

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If you haven’t registered yet, do so now!

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