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Send consistent,
interactive, and personalized
communications, every time

Your customers expect you to communicate pertinent information through smart phones, tablets, web and social media. Inconsistencies due to operational silos and the absence of a 360-degree view of customers results in higher disputes, as well as customer dissatisfaction. Unclear and static communication experiences will drive your customers to your competitors.

Intense Technologies
Customer Communication Management

Reduce costs, enhance
Omni-channel experience, and improve loyalty

Digital Customer Experience

Whether you are sending welcome kits, monthly invoices, statements, notices, reminders, marketing mailers, or newsletters, a unified platform for consistent Omni-Channel Experience streamlines your processes. Intense Technologies UniServeTM 360 and UniServeTM Engage transform your existing IT environment to deliver consistent Digital Customer Experience.

  • Integrate information silos with built-in data management
  • Retire multiple applications doing the same job
  • Design personalized, interactive communication
  • Distribute consistent communication through multiple channels
  • Send alerts and notifications to internal and external stakeholders
  • Track status of information delivery
  • Lower operating costs of customer support services
  • Empower customers with self-service abilities
  • Deliver business intelligence to internal stakeholders

We have gained more than 10 years of domain experience in customer communications space.Intense Technologies process more than 25 billion USD worth of client revenue data.