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Enabling Banking and Financial Services Companies Engage with Customers

Banks and financial services companies have to be proactive in digitalizing their processes and data assets to remain competitive.

Establishing a holistic relationship with customers by bringing together data assets across service portfolio is the key for delivering superior customer experience – but customer information lost in silos, and semi-automated process disrupts swift and consistent customer engagement.

That’s where Intense Technologies helps- by unifying customer centric processes across the banking ecosystem, you gain 360 degree view of your customer and powerful insights to engage them with pertinent information.

Unify, Automate and Empower Customers :

Intense Technologies Banking and Financial Services Solution

UniServeTM platform digitalizes your customer experience lifecycle by federating your existing legacy environment to deliver unified, personalized customer experience every time your customer interacts with you. Leading players like GE have included UniServeTM in their “world class” solutions list and are benefitting from engaging customers with agile processes.

By streamlining customer-facing legacy systems, UniServeTM enables you to:

Adhere to compliance

Adhere to KYC and AML regulations while bringing in new customers. Customer order management and onboarding is unified and digitalized to build competitive advantage.

Build holistic relationships

Stop having an account-based view of your customers by establishing unique identity of the customer encompassing his subscriptions across the service portfolio.

Enhance customer loyalty

Enterprise wide approach of digitalizing customer communications to deliver personalized interactive and cohesive Omni-channel experience.

Digitalize self-service

B2B and B2C customers can be equipped with powerful self-service portals with analytics capabilities to lower customer service costs and enhance retention.