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Joining Hands with Governments to Deliver Digital Citizen Services

Governments around the world are making a shift to deliver Digital Citizen Services to enable their citizens to access services anytime, anywhere, through any device. Citizen preferences are taking precedence—but legacy systems of various departments that are working in silos are impeding the efforts.

We pioneer in services made available to citizens with a click, by modernizing the existing IT environment.

Transparent and Secured Delivery of e-Services:

Intense Technologies Solution for Governments

UniServeTM our integrated platform for citizen service delivery, strengthens the e-governance strategies of health, public distribution systems, election commissions, education, and transport agencies. Trusted by government agencies to disseminate income tax returns to its citizens and resolve citizen identity issues for electoral roles, the modular platform helps in building citizen relationships.

By providing a powerful web based self-service platform, UniServeTM enables you to:

Enroll citizens to services digitally

Enroll citizens to services digitally

Mobile/tab based access to common service center for enrolling to various schemes and services. Registration for birth/death certificates, enrolment to national ID database is quick and easy.

Establish central repository of citizen information

Establish central repository of citizen information

Citizen information spread across multiple departments is checked for duplicity and unique identities are created for greater transparency and efficiency.

Deliver consistent citizen communication

Deliver consistent citizen communication

Communication platform that enables government departments to share pertinent information with citizens consistently across all channels.

>Empower citizens with self-service portals

Empower citizens with self-service portals

Citizens can manage their services at the click of the button through multiple devices. Citizens are in greater control of their relationships with government departments.