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Z Forms offer seamless form automation to improve efficiency

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Z Forms offer seamless form automation to improve efficiency


A paradigm shift in operational activities has paved the way for a more futuristic approach for digital-first enterprises. Today, every business relies on technology to manage internal processes and customer-facing activities. And managing forms too is one of the vital yet cumbersome tasks as they are inevitable and plentiful. This can be eased with our Forms Automation software, Z-forms built on our award-winning platform UniServe™ NXT. Our solution enables you to automate your IT workflow and move a step closer to improving the efficiency of your organization.

Why do you need Forms Automation Software?

Automation of forms not just enhances productivity, but also –

  • enables cloud storage for backup
  • enables the creation of highly customizable forms
  • Offer pre-built validation
  • Enables easy data capture of images, texts, barcodes, and signatures.
  • Enables features such as digital signatures

What do we offer with Z-Forms?

We help your organization in the automation and integration of forms by –

  • Improving accuracy and speed – the tool helps you save immense time in onboarding with pre-populated fields, for better ease, accuracy, and convenience.
  • Save resources - Our tool helps reduce purchasing costs, time, and other resources, because of automation.
  • Remote accessibility – We help to store and access forms remotely, making customers happy and satisfied.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction – Forms automation helps employees take a break from the monotonous tasks related to forms and enable easy focus on other relevant business objectives.
  • Other features – Our tool encompasses all aspects related to form management and comes with features such as instant digital signatures, easy hassle-free accurate calculations, less wastage of paper and so many more.

If you are pondering –

  • Is my team having the coding resources and time or do I need a business-friendly approach to create the form?
  • Are customizable forms my focus?
  • Do my forms need to be responsive to mobile devices?
  • How do they fit into the rest of our workflow?

Then, our Forms Automation Software is an answer to all the above. To know more, read this whitepaper.

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