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Winning Propositions of Digital Platforms


Anisha Shastri, Director, Intense Technologies speaks about how digital platforms are changing the world and redefining the value proposition they offer for enterprise growth.

The new era of digitalization and the role of Digital Platforms

The world is rapidly moving towards digitalization, and there are significant aspects of this shift especially when we speak of digital platforms.

UniServe™ NXT: Simplifying digital platforms for you

Today, when enterprises want to reinvent themselves with technology, digital platforms provide them with winning propositions. They help them build custom applications in a jiffy; legacy systems can be wrapped with modern functionalities and it’s a cake-walk to partner with other players in the eco system. Digital platforms thus are the cornerstone for enterprises to explore new business models.

It is time to transform and embrace the Digital-first strategy, enhance customer experience and equip business agility.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility