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Utilities and the need for digitalization

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Utilities and the need for digitalization


Traditional utilities industries earlier didn’t need high levels of interaction with their customers. But with changing times and customer need a slower adoption of digital tools for self-service and attention to customer experience to build goodwill has been observed. Today, utilities can intentionally design new experiences as they roll out new products and services to build goodwill and enhance customer experiences.

They must-

  • Know their customers to understand how to deliver value to them.
  • Use data and analytics and ethnographic research to analyze and define customer segments.
  • craft new value propositions beyond keeping the lights on and delivery models that serve different segments.
  • support people with digital tools that complement personal connections

A centralized, AI-powered platform solves some of the biggest problems companies face around managing legacy content and creating consistent, compelling Omni-channel customer experiences. Understand how the solution helps in reducing customer support costs due to lower contact centre volumes, enables faster revenue realization through easily comprehensible statements and gives the competitive edge due to digital first and personalized customer relationship.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility