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UniServe™ NXT Assure offers seamless reconciliation of financial statements

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UniServe™ NXT Assure offers seamless reconciliation of financial statements


A rampant shift in customer preferences has led us towards a world where digital-first is the only way out. And, with emerging business prospects, it becomes imperative to have financial statements in a proper manner. For this, by leveraging the tech stack, Intense Technologies has built UniServe Assure on our award-winning platform, UniServe™ NXT helping reap maximum benefits of digitization for accounting.  This automated solution and error detection software help minimize accounting errors, reduce fraudulence, and helps monitor data while offering enhanced operational efficiency and reducing overall costs.

Now, embrace the path of digital transformation and adopt automation with RPA. This enables enterprises to weed out the inefficiencies, streamline the process, and an enhanced CX. Our comprehensive financial reconciliation software assists enterprises with large samples and supports multi-validation with a 100% automated audit cycle.

How does 100% automation help your enterprise?

It is time you use this to your advantage and automate most tasks including Financial closures, reporting, risk management, payment processing, collections, and more. This makes us supplement and augment the human workforce, saving costs for the enterprises. And the time saved can help the teams focus on other relevant business objectives and needs.

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