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Smart compliance of regulations for registration of telephone subscribers

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Smart compliance of regulations for registration of telephone subscribers


Customers today want their onboarding to be as smooth as possible. So, enterprises today should be focusing on enhancing their services in order to enhance experience. There is also the concern of the services being misused as customer onboarding is a very critical step for a Telco. Hence the identity of the subscriber needs to be established and ensured that the services would never be misused for any other purpose such as frauds, robbery and other thefts including terrorist attacks.

Telecom Regulatory authorities such as NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) and TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) on the other hand are imposing very strict regulations for compliance by TSPs (Telecom Service Provider). Any violation would entail huge penalties for the TSPs. Hence there is a need for TSPs to not only comply with these regulations but also onboard the customers faster. But unfortunately, TSPs need to overcome many a challenge to meet these dual objectives.

Our platform, UniServe™ NXT is an end-to-end single and comprehensive solution that facilitates:

  • Faster onboarding in about 45-60 seconds – resulting in faster revenue realization
  • Reduced cost of onboarding as the process is easy to follow
  • Easy regulatory Compliance as per regulations with its Audit and proactive error checking support features.

Customer onboarding

UniServe™ NXT helps you onboard your customers easily by authenticating customer information from the national database, onboarding non- local, high security areas and foreign residents, integrating with more than 20 systems and avoiding duplication of customer data.

Our solution helps Telcos to face some of the challenges related to Technology, people and process:

  • Photo Capture challenges as in most cases unclear and spurious digital photographs are captured due to various reasons
  • Biometric Capture challenges where biometric formats sometimes does not conform to regulatory standards
  • Agents do not follow a streamlined process of registering subscribers thus leading to many errors and capture of incorrect data or mix-up of data of one subscriber with the other.
  • Agents lack the skills to operate a camera to capture a proper photo, cannot troubleshoot a problem or even lack basic computer operation skills.

Intense has the rare distinction of having 75% market share in the domestic Telecom vertical in India. Currently Intense’s tried, tested and trusted product Uniserve Onboard is used by major telecom providers in India (Airtel, Idea Cellular etc.) to Onboard 1.3 million customers a day, to comply with the stringent regulations of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and DoT (Department of Telecommunications).

Our solution is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface to ensure that all the data is captured highly accurately with appropriate validations wherever required. Some salient features:

  • Both Online (synchronization of data with the server in real-time, if connectivity is available) and Offline (local storage in case connectivity is not available) data capture support
  • Low-bandwidth connectivity support through chunking and caching mechanism, thus maintaining data integrity and preventing data loss.
  • Automatic detection of connectivity availability through Wi-Fi, mobile Data, 2G/3G, Data Card etc.
  • Self-healing capabilities and Guided log files to arrive at root cause in case of trouble.
  • Comprehensive Reports - Operational efficiency, Commission, Productivity reports of POS and Case Management users

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