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Redefine Your Customer Identity Management!

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Redefine Your Customer Identity Management!


Customer identity management is a crucial part of customer onboarding. It is a process of establishing the customer’s identity across the existing customer database and across lines of business if. Any inefficiency here can affect an enterprise’s sales and support activities like campaign management, customer onboarding, web interactions, and more. TechM BPS offers Intense’s powered Customer Identity Management solution that performs online de-dupe check prior to onboarding customers and enables efficient compliance with regulations.

The Customer Identity Management Solution built on UniServe™ NXT platform accelerates digital transformation and the ability to onboard customers to new services, through the web, mobile and remote digital channels, while eliminating fraud.

  • Handle cases where customer identity failed due to limited data set
  • Work with customers where we have conflicting or corrupted information
  • Support activities and areas for automation
  • Manage and support solution deployment
  • Re-organize data by eliminating unwanted data such as special symbols, spaces
  • Verify and validate as per pre-defined rules
  • Classify data into clusters and unique records
  • Process entire database and group identical records of customers
  • Provide users with standard reports

Value delivered

  • 100% Compliance
  • Faster customer onboarding
  • Automated verification processes
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Real-time availability of customer records

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Transform your customer experience and equip business agility