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Optimizing the insurance customer journey

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Optimizing the insurance customer journey


The ever-changing demands of the New-Age Insurance customer

The new insurance customer expects an integrated experience across all channels. They're also looking for unique experiences tailored to their needs. In fact, providing 'add-on' services, could help insurers boost retention rates for at least half of their customer base.

Customer Engagement Hub Solution built on UniServe™ NXT delivers a seamless, intuitive experience that is easy to use and allows you to personalize customer interactions. The result is a delighted, loyal policyholder or customer and a better bottom line.

Move beyond a transactional, data-centric view of policyholders with UniServe™ NXT

Intense Technologies’ Customer Engagement Hub is an advanced Omni-channel

solution that helps enterprises - onboard, service and engage with their customers more effectively by sending the right message to the right customer at the right time through the right channel. The customers are engaged constantly through their preferred channels of communication to increase loyalty and experience, and simultaneously reduce customer service costs.

Focused interactions for better efficiency

The Customer Engagement Hub combines data, intent and business process management to provide a complete, personalized view of each policyholder. Intelligent processes automate decision-making so that customer service representatives (CSRs) always deliver relevant, context-driven responses at exactly the right time. The result is customer-focused interactions delivered with maximum efficiency to benefit both your customer and your company.

Enabling digital transformation

UniServe™ NXT provides extensive customer engagement capabilities optimized with industry best practices that enables insurance companies to place CRM at the core of their digital transformation journey. A single view of the customer allows everyone – from sales agents and marketing teams to contact center advisors and brokers – to see all the customer's policies and activities in a single screen. They can also deal with any customer concerns quickly and professionally; frequently turning a caller with a complaint into a satisfied customer.

Reap the Benefits of UniServe™ NXT with unprecedented business agility to respond to new business opportunities and changing regulations with agile technology and deployment flexibility. Contact us to know more!

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility