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Digital Video Onboarding

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Digital Video Onboarding


Given the complex and changing regulatory environment it is critical for banks to ensure compliance. Not just that, it is expensive for banks to efficiently manage customers across their historically siloed lines of business and legacy systems.


An end-to-end comprehensive onboarding solution that ensures compliance to regulations and KYC norms helps

  • Reduce money laundering incidents
  • Authenticate customer’s identity
  • Optimize efficiencies
  • Improve data quality and aggregation of customer data across accounts and businesses to create a unified view
  • Reduce infra costs
  • And ensures faster onboarding, consistent customer experiences and faster time to revenue

And, with a complaint Video Onboarding solution, the user is assisted by an Agent over a video call to complete the verification steps. 

We help enterprises leverage the latest technology and reimagine customer onboarding with video kyc, and video onboarding.  Interested? We can help you take the next step. Contact us to know more.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility