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Digital Transformation in times of Covid-19

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Digital Transformation in times of Covid-19


The current pandemic has accelerated digital transformation initiative across the globe. Even the traditional Banking and Financial Sector has adopted digital-first strategy to keep pace with the changing market dynamics, customer expectations and to ensure business continuity.

Today, enterprises are facing increased pressure to enable business continuity, and there is an unprecedented demand for innovative technology and digital solutions that can support customers through collaborative platforms, which include user-focused solutions and customer engagement.

Bring in new customers with digital onboarding, right at their doorstep with our onboarding solution or engage your customers with personalized communications through email, mobile app, virtual assistant, interactive videos and more. While employees are safely working from home, empower customers with self-help and interactive digital communications powered by UniServe™ NXT

While the Covid-19 pandemic remains a crisis, with social distancing and limited face-to-face interactions, our platform UniServe™ NXT can help make your business more resilient. The platform that is powered by AI, ML and strong data management capabilities, offers enterprises solutions that will help you move forward in these challenging times. Some of them are:

  • Digital customer onboarding
  • Alerts and notifications engine
  • Omni-channel customer experience
  • Customer communications management
  • Automated Revenue Reconciliation
  • Forms Management and many more that deliver exceptional CX and give the competitive edge

While employees are safely working from home, telecom service providers, insurance companies and banks can empower customers with self-help and interactive digital communications.

Covid-19 is an impetus for digital transformation, and this is opportunity for enterprises to embrace a digital first with no second thoughts. Enterprises are facing increased pressure to enable business continuity, it is time for you to look ahead to the future.

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