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Digital Transformation in the Telecom Industry

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Digital Transformation in the Telecom Industry


Being customer-centric is not a choice anymore; it is a must for telecom service providers to survive. The journey of being customer-centric should start from understanding the customer and then aligning your organization around the customer's expectations, convenience, whims and fancies.

Our platform, UniServe™ NXT is designed to dig deep into the data and analyze customer information that can help you gain insights on building competitive differentiators throughout the customer experience lifecycle.

UniServe™ NXT helps in creating and publishing APIs, and can also use published APIs from other vendors to create a functional application or easily configure and integrate with disjointed systems or other solutions. In short, it helps in the transfer of data by creating a connection between systems.

B2B Customer Experience

Enterprise customers today need greater visibility and control of their communication services and want service providers to partner with them to achieve business growth. UniServe™ NXT helps telecom service providers to enable greater visibility to B2B customers with

  • Unified portal to view and organize their data with respect to organizational hierarchies and geographies
  • Consolidation of billing information from multiple lines of business
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Analytics and reports on usage for insights on spend patterns
  • Alerts for payments and threshold limits
  • Role-based access and dashboards for comprehending spend

UniServe™ NXT transforms your systems of record into systems of engagement in the fastest possible way!

Our platform helps them to deliver operational efficiency at low cost and empowers them to take a calculated, incremental approach to digital transformation by investing in solutions that will give immediate results and at the same time support long-term vision.

Our platform plays a strategic role for enterprises wanting to transform their customer experience now!

The value proposition lies in radically simplifying the present, complex ecosystem of multiple applications operating independently by bringing them to a unified platform.

Our strength in comprehending data from legacy systems and federating multiple data sources, centralizing and integrating it obviates the need to replace them immediately. Enterprises save time and money with this approach and reap the benefits of building competitive advantage.

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