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Digital apps for enterprises


Agility is critical to Business enterprises

Solutions have evolved from manual processes to digital and now agile and intelligent. An agile organization allows a company to increase speed of execution, better respond and adapt to customer needs, increase productivity, and engage and empower customers.

Digital Apps and business agility

Every application should be agile; be it customer onboarding, order management, regulatory requirements, or employee enrolment, the list is endless, and the demand to shift to digital is more than ever crucial.

Make the shift to Intelligent Digital apps

Intelligent digital apps are capable enough to easily work with multiple web frameworks like Angular, React and Bootstrap. They integrate with your enterprise applications through easy code generation and are Omni-channel, multi-device and multi-browser compatible

Here’s a Smart Way to Build Apps

Our innovation built on UniServe™ NXT platform, powered by AI, Low-code, BPM and Machine Learning capabilities comes with Agile Z-forms or UX designer that empowers you to meet and exceed all your business requirements.

  • With our platform you can enable internationalization of forms to help localization of languages
  • This lightweight, future ready package of apps comes without any baggage!
  • The forms are Independent, self-contained without dependency on OS or DB

With our apps built on UniServe™ NXT platform you are sure to eliminate the tedious process in delivering agile apps!

With UniServe™ NXT, don’t just be Digital be Intelligent Digital!

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility