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Delivering NXT Gen Onboarding experience

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Delivering NXT Gen Onboarding experience


Customer Onboarding is the primary and most vital step in the customer life cycle. And, as a telecom operator, it enables you to build the brand that a customer identifies with. However, there might be certain hiccups in this journey of onboarding a customer. These might include High onboard time, onboard time, multiple onboarding channels involved, adherence to regulatory compliance, and manual updating of consumer records.

Our NXT Gen Consumer Onboarding Experience helps TSPs authenticate customer information from the national database, onboarding non-local, high-security areas and foreign residents integrating with more than 20 systems, and avoids duplication of customer data.

Salient features of the Onboarding Solution –

  • Mobile app and desktop application
  • Image upload application
  • CRM
  • Centralized notification engine
  • Data de-duplication engine
  • TIBCO ESB enables updating various applications
  • Oracle identity management systems

Benefits of the Solution

  • Extraction and identification of customer records using multiple systems to handle failed customer identification
  • Auto verification of customer records and status updates to subscribers for compliance check
  • Auto-update onboarding status and support areas of automation
  • Automate and streamline work by eliminating silos in the onboarding process and managing solution

Your business will benefit manifold with this solution as it helps in 100% compliance, faster customer onboarding, process automation, and improved customer satisfaction. Explore more here.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility