Press Release

Showcased UniServe™ at CommunicAsia 2015

Intense Technologies showcased their customer experience lifecycle platform, UniServe™ that digitalizes customer-facing business processes. Enterprises were impressed with UniServe’s capability of handling huge amount of customer data to provide a 360 degree view of customer interactions. All the stakeholders (CRM, Finance, marketing, sales etc) can get a holistic and consistent view of customer to take accurate and real time decisions.

CommunicAsia 2015

Intense also showcased the use case of 360 degree customer view across the customer lifecycle of buying, using and sharing. UniServe™ digitalizes customer onboarding, order management, customer identity management, pre-bill audit, Omni-channel engagement, and B2B & B2C portals. Intense Technologies’ interactive HTML5 statement/bill caught the attention of many executives from telecoms and financial institutes. Interactive statement is a secure file that provides a consolidated view of all services and has features of a web portal that can be opened offline in any device. This statement will improve customer experience and reduce customer service costs.

CommunicAsia 2015

On the whole, the need for greater customer experience in enterprises was communicated and the event gave Intense Technologies an opportunity to enhance brand visibility and gain traction with target audience.

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