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Digital CX in Telecom Sector

Hyderabad- August 12, 2020 : A fact to accept today is that the World is heading towards Digital transformation in all aspects. Be it Telecom, Banking, insurance, Healthcare, Education and other prominent domains Digital Customer Experience plays a crucial role in fulfilling the needs of the customers. In today’s Digital era “Enhanced Customer Experience” can be provided to customers in different forms. Not just for the Customers, Digital CX has become a Unique Selling Point (USP) for sales professionals to promote their products in the market and to justify how they are different from their competitors. This helps them acquire new businesses.

We see most enterprises are turning digital today, however, the other side of the coin always exists. Industry expert, James Messer (Forbes Council Member, Forbes Technology Council , Founder & CEO of Gotransverse) talks about the transformation yet to take place across the industries, he says, “When it comes to supporting BSS/OSS systems, many communications service providers (CSPs) have not embraced change and still utilize legacy business and support models with hastily added web interfaces. Like so many other industries, CSPs have often been laggards in providing a truly digital experience. Most CSPs now recognize the need for an agile, native cloud-based approach to BSS/OSS coupled with an omnichannel customer experience (CX). There is also an emphasis on integrating vertical service offerings to unify business lines within segmented organizations to present a clear brand, voice and a 360-degree experience to customers” ( Ref:

CX in Telecom Sector & Advantages
The role of Customer Experience in Telecom Sector starts right from Onboarding and through an engaging digital journey with Video bills, alerts, Interactive Statements and more. With an enhanced CX we can improve customer loyalty through digital engagement solutions. Digital solutions help Telecoms with the following:

  1. Role specific access to view and analyze bills
  2. Real-Time Billing
  3. Automated Workforce Management
  4. 360 single Customer View
  5. Usage of Chatbots to reduce manual operations
  6. Have the flexibility to manage conglomeration of telecom expenses w.r.t. to their organizational needs
  7. Allocate budgets and analyze spend w.r.t. departments to generate reports
  8. Helps Telcos in streamlining the Sales and support operations
  9. Raise and track trouble tickets to ensure timely resolution
  10. Set alerts and notifications for threshold limits

These are just few of the benefits. Please watch the video to know how UniServe™ NXT, our #digitalplatform helps them collaborate with each other to take customer experience to the next level. With UniServe™ NXT, you can engage with customers in real-time, and hyper-personalize customer journeys for upsell / cross sell, thus improving brand loyalty. Additionally, the solution helps bridge data silos with a single view of the customer to internal and external stakeholders and ensure a seamless #customerexperience.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility