GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

UniServe™ NXT empowers you to secure digital privacy. Be compliant and protect customer data.

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GDPR compliance extends the definition of customers’ personal data to various parameters. This data have to be mapped, and single view of a customer across systems has to be created.


Systems must be designed with the agenda to safeguard the information. Pseudonymization and anonymization practices have to be implemented to protect data.


Determine which data should be kept or deleted based on business needs and consent status. Detailed information has to be made available to customers and they will have all rights to access, port, and even erase their personal details.

Greater control of your customer data

Consent management to give more control to customers

Pre-ticked boxes must be unticked and the new consent has to be taken to process personal information of the customer. It has to be informed and unambiguous, i.e., crystal clear. Consent can be revoked anytime by the customer and it has to be notified before taking it. The user will have complete control on his/her personal data.

Access management to protect data

Privacy by Design principle should be followed to design compliant policies and procedures at the outset of any product or process development. Admin should be able to add/modify/delete roles. Permissions have to be in place, and admin should know which user should have how much privilege. Streamlined role based access control and regular audits gives granular control of data.

3 Simple steps to take you closer to GDPR compliance


Data discovery stage, where you map customer information across applications and business processes to identify how, where, and when personal data are being used. UniServeTM NXT platform helps you bridge data silos by virtualizing data across applications and creates a unique identity of a customer to ensure pseudonymization.


Enforce stringent access control permission to multiple stakeholders to adhere to Privacy by Design principles. UniServe™ NXT enables data protection and security officials to define access control policies, capture customer consent from multiple channels and integrates with multiple systems like CRM, Billing, and ERP to ensure execution of the defined policies.


Send data breach reports to relevant people, including customers; ensure data portability of customer information in a secure way, and implement right to be forgetten rules efficiently across applications and databases with UniServe™ NXT platform’s distribution and data management capabilities

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Act now on GDPR compliance and build a competitive edge.

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Technology capabilities of UniServe™ NXT to unify your
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Become GDPR compliant to avoid penalties!

Fines up to 4% of annual global revenue or €20 million whichever is greater