AI led Billing Automation

Simplifying Telecommunications - Leveraging automation and AI for Telecom Billing

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Billing Innovation

Billing has always been a complex and error-prone activity and the Telecom billing system is the need of the hour.

Mergers and acquisitions, multiple legacy stacks, new and evolving products and services, on demand provisioning, online transactions, complex subscription plans complicate and strain the billing outfit.

View the replay of the panel discussion that elaborates on how organisations can maximise benefits from billing solutions and provide Next Generation Omni-channel Billing Experience.

The key take-aways of the online event:

  • The industry trends on billing solutions
  • Extracting maximum value out of legacy billing stacks
  • Benefits of AI powered customer revenue prediction and fraud detection solutions
  • The need for next-gen omni-channel billing experience
  • Minimising revenue leakage & automating operations
  • Understanding the critical success factors for billing solution implementation


Uday Paturi

Head of Solutions
Intense Technologies

André Clarkson

VP- Sales
Intense Technologies

Ravi Kumar Palepu

Senior Vice President

Dilip Nedungadi

Senior Director
Telecom Solutions

Kedar Mohite

Principal Consultant

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Thought leaders have a point of view on how organisations can maximise benefits from billing solutions. Read the document to know the challenges that telecoms face when it comes to billing and the POVs of Industry experts.

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