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Improved operational efficiency for the third-largest private sector bank in India with UniServe™ NXT

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The bank wanted to deliver exceptional digital capabilities in the shortest time possible and with zero escalations. This became a strategic priority during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Their main objectives were:

  • To enhance customer service and reduce operational costs
  • To allow seamless integration between generation systems
  • To ensure a centralized system for their customer communications

Solution at work:

The key functions performed on the platform were:
  • Ability to fetch data from various sources
  • Enable load balancing or switching between the SMTP and SMSC aggregators basis the percentage allocated.
  • Unified view of all the communications triggered to a particular client

Value Delivered

Some of the benefits were as follows:
  • A single platform that could manage and maintain all templates
  • there was zero dependency on third party
  • More effective control on costs
  • Reduced load on source systems


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