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Automated pre-bill audit system to improve customer satisfaction of the largest wireless carrier in USA

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Intense Technologies implemented a pre-built audit system for the service provider to automate the pre-bill audit process and reduced their bill audit turnaround time by 99%.

Challenges faced by the service provider:

  • High dependency on manual auditing of bills which lead to longer timelines
  • Delays in invoice generation due to manual auditing
  • Dissatisfied customers resulting in higher contact centre volumes and associated costs
  • Highly regulated and stringent environment with severe penalties
  • Limited parameters/entities included for validation

Our solution at work:

  • Template based configurable rules engine to validate bill-entities covering monetary and non-monetary entities across the bill
  • Configurable look-up engine for multiple data sources
  • Web-based audit of PDF layout using a pre-defined workflow
  • Support for multi-level audit by different users
  • GUI based query builder to configure database queries
  • Customizable role-based Dashboard

Value delivered:

  • Increased sampling size from 0.5% to 13%
  • Minimized dependency on skilled workforce, since the process is automated
  • Reduced bill audit turnaround time by 99%
  • Improved customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • 0.6% revenue deviation identified ($460K)
  • Helped contain over / under billing issues
  • Contact centre volumes reduced from 20% to 10% monthly


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