Re-defining customer experience in 2015

Forrester research shows that since 2007 the average customer experience in the industries has gone up and the number of bad customer experiences has dropped down to minimal. But according to the latest predictions, 2015 is not a good time to provide an average customer experience. Customers are empowered more than ever and they have been interacting with numerous companies to get the best experience.

Next year companies will invest more on technology to stand out of the crowd by having a superior customer experience and soon the average customer experience companies will not be appreciated. This digital race from good to great customer experience will hit the gas pedal, and government & public sector companies will also be part of it.

Forrester says the next level of customer experience is an emotional interaction. Analytics on customer data from extended sources like social media platforms, campaign management platforms, mobile apps, and loyalty programs needs to be used to provide a more emotional interaction with the customer. This data is further used to personalize interactions in real time to transform the needs and wants of individual customers. The battle ground is shifting to new areas based on customer needs and companies should be prepared to explore them.

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