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Brand loyalty – Bridging the Gap between Customer and Brand!


A brand is a unique identity and resembles a person that you wish to know or closely resonate with. As a consumer, you buy into the long-term charm and promise of brand values. Kotler, David Aker, Drucker have all spoken of this in detail.

Corporate India has built many iconic brands like the AI Maharajah, Tata 501 soap, Maruti 800, Lakme, Liril etc. Each one is sculpted with specific identities and has remained undiluted over the decades coupled with an unrelenting base of consumers and fans.  Sin goods such as Old Monk, Gold Flake, Willis, are also shining with their dedicated pool of consumers for the past 5-6 decades. Many of them don’t even advertise much. Yet, they command loyalty.. Continue reading Brand loyalty – Bridging the Gap between Customer and Brand!

Avinash Kulkarni

Avinash is a successful Senior Executive leading business transformation, scaling teams to meet hyper-growth with an extremely successful track record of over 27 years of experience in Sales, Training, Alliances, and Operations as a P&L owner.He has in the past worked with large organizations such as Xerox, Reliance Communications, IL&FS, Hitachi Group, Head Held High Foundation (NGO), and most recently with Rapyder Cloud Solutions. Drawing on his rich and varied Senior Management, operating, and strategic experience, Avinash has worked on creating enterprise business traction at Rapyder, a partner to AWS and Azure. He was instrumental in utilizing institutions like CII, and IMT Ghaziabad for field research and Adoption of cloud in migration, modernization, and analytics being the key solution areas.

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