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Simplifying digital platforms for you…

Simplifying- digital- platforms

What do you do when you’re craving for pizza? Well, there are many ways you could go about this. Since, you’re particular about how your pizza should taste, you could bake one from scratch – knead the dough, pluck fresh veggies, make your topping and bake it. But that takes time, effort and is not the best idea when you’re hungry! You could go to the supermarket, pick ready-made ingredients for the perfect pizza of your taste – not a bad idea at all. Continue reading Simplifying digital platforms for you…

Anisha Shastri

Anisha Shastri comes with a diverse experience of working with large enterprises, SMEs and startups. Along with working on innovative digital platforms, her expertise lies in building corporate and product strategies. Having consulted for large clients in the Telecommunications, BFSI and Health Care industries, she comes with immense domain knowledge in these industries and a strong passion to help enterprises adapt to platforms to build a competitive edge. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, U.S.A and a Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology from Osmania University. Currently, Anisha handles business strategy and overseas growth for Intense.

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