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5G- staying connected 24/ 7 in a whole different way

5G- stay connected faster than ever | Intense Technologies

Are you ready for 5G?

4g compatibility means devices can connect to the internet faster than ever before. On a daily basis we see more and more devices actively communicating with each other, and the regular upgrades of the present networks are no more enough to support endlessly increasing traffic. Continue reading 5G- staying connected 24/ 7 in a whole different way

André Clarkson

André Clarkson, leads Sales for Intense Technologies for Europe and with over 20+ years of successful Sales and Sales Management experience. He has a invaluable proven track record in creating value-based relationships and helping CSP’s & Enterprises transform their businesses through adoption and effective use of digital cloud-based technology. He is a natural leader, a high achiever with astute business acumen and the ability to develop trust-based relationships with the ultimate goal to deliver high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Given André's background across the aforementioned industry domains and the evolving cutting-edge technology landscape, he is at the forefront of driving change, identifying strategic opportunities to build value-based relationships while shepherding customers on their business transformation journeys.

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