September 2014


Reimagining is rethinking how enterprises do business. To remain relevant in the digital age, every organization has to find new ways of redefining the value proposition they offer.

People, process and technology are elements that are imperative to reinvention and transformation. A digital platform binds these elements to achieve business objectives successfully. Platforms are built with myriad capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and API configurations that empower enterprises to collaborate with other organizations, individuals and connected things.

Platforms lay the foundation for companies to profoundly transform into proactive enterprises to meet increasing customer expectations, adapt to evolving technologies and collaborate with ecosystems. They help enterprises visualize their ambitions, architect the elements of transformation and bring about a holistic transformational journey. The results are bound to be phenomenal; organizations are more agile, cut costs of legacy systems, deliver break-through experiences and experiment with new ways of doing business.

Digital business platforms are designed to leverage the big opportunity of enabling enterprises to reinvent and transform themselves!

Platforms help enterprises enable their services through digital channels and also collaborate with external players to build competitive edge and explore new business models. Across the world, customers are dealing with the challenge of reinventing their core offerings, processes and systems to adapt to the digital age.

Platforms help customers execute their journey to the digital future at a fast pace in a unified, consistent and rich way thus enabling digital channels to consume the underlying technology capabilities and services of legacy systems, and produce next generation digital customer experiences.

With platforms, organizations can lower customer support costs, improve revenue generating avenues, enhance customer experience, reduce operational expenses of technology and collaborate securely with other players in the ecosystem. All of these are essential elements of reimagining the value proposition our customers deliver.

Digital platforms help in bringing out business model transformation that aligns with changes to operating processes, organizational structure and IT systems. A platform works with existing products and services to enhance them or combines to form new ones.

A partner ecosystem built around the digital platform is soon becoming a reality in many verticals like banks, insurance, retail and health.

High-productivity application development platforms essentially accelerate the entire process of collaborating with partners in a secured way, redefining customer experiences and bridging legacy systems for business agility.

Intense’s, UniServe™ NXT is built on advanced technological capabilities that make enterprise application development fast, powerful and efficient. With its open, modular architecture the platform supports co-existence of various technologies like BPM, user experience design, data management, configurable API engine and AI capabilities on a single platform.

We help enterprises reimagine themselves to be more responsive to the demands of the market. Our strategic objective is to build a sustainable organization that remains relevant to our customers, while creating growth opportunities for our employees and generating profitable growth for our investors.

C.K. Shastri

Mr. C.K. Shastri founded Intense Technologies – pioneering in the domains of digital transformation and customer experience – putting India on the global stage in enterprise software products. Mr. Shastri’s Intense Technologies odyssey began with the proverbial handful of dollars, a fecund imagination and limitless dreams. Under his leadership Intense grew from strength to strength to be eventually recognized as a global technology leader. He is passionate about business excellence, entrepreneurship and India's place on the global stage for excellence in enterprise software products. He believes in ‘leadership through transparency and empowerment’ and as a top management professional has set an example in corporate excellence by adhering to the best practices in management, leadership and motivation. Overall, he is a people person, passionate about building teams and mentoring miracles.

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