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Last month, I went to the US to attend one of my friend’s wedding. It was one of the memorable wedding ceremonies that I’ve attended so far. But our discussion in not about the wedding today, it’s about how to make an amazing customer onboarding experience.
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Madhavi H. C.

Madhavi has more than a decade of experience in working for enterprise software products companies in marketing roles. She is closely associated in research and client interactions to comprehend customer experience challenges and ways of addressing them proactively by re-aligning existing IT infrastructure. Responsible for consistency in brand across multiple channels for Intense Technologies and evolving best practices for delivering Omni-channel customer experience strategies for large telecoms, banks and insurance organizations. She has gained experience on adapting latest technologies like cloud, analytics and business process automation to enhance customer experience in fastest possible ways. She has a degree in marketing from a reputed business school in Hyderabad and has been instrumental in initiating and implementing digital marketing at Intense Technologies. She actively involves in all the marketing activities and is open to try new marketing methods to see Intense as a Fortune 500.

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How can Business benefit from Analytics-driven Customer Relationships?

Customer analytics have become a critical tool in acquisition and retention of today’s technically-savvy consumers. By combining data from multiple sources related to customer interaction and sales, marketing teams can focus on current and future customers with the most potential for anticipated revenues. Predictive analysis can detect evolving trends that allow executives and marketing to formulate business plans to take advantage of these indicators. There are some basic initial steps that need to be taken to gain this competitive advantage through analytics-driven customer information:

  • Collect customer information related to profile (address, demographics), purchase history, and other interaction with the company.
  • Build a 360 degree view of the customer through transformation of data into real information.
  • Through analytics generate customer insight and ranking based on purchases, payments, etc.

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Our enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digitalization of customer experience life-cycle, resulting in greater customer-centricity and reduced operational expenses

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