Corporate Identity

What’s in a name?

The "In" in Intense stands for India, Innovation and Inspiration. "Intense" stands for the vibrancy, zeal and energy of our people, the earnestness of our world-views, the extensive application of our products and solutions and our determination to offer thought-leading enterprise solutions to the world.

Our Corporate Logo

The binary numerals "1" and "0" in our corporate logo together as "10" depict our quest for 10 on 10 perfection in everything we do – conceptualizing, architecting, developing and deploying our solutions, establishing win-win partnerships with like-minded enterprises and offering our domain expertise and enterprise agility solutions to the world.

The mnemonic at the top right corner of our logo depicts both an arrow aiming at the heights and also the fourth quadrant of an enterprise’s life-cycle-the quadrant where the enterprise is profitable and in continuous growth mode, the quadrant that we help our clients attain through our enterprise agility solutions.

The saffron, green and hint of blue in our logo are inspired by the Indian Tricolor and depict our identity as a publicly owned company headquartered in India. The black (and the white relief) indicate our intent to be realistic and our commitment to providing clients with a measurable ROI.